Lockdown Gets TANKED!

Brothers-in-law and best friends, Brett Raymer and Wayde King operate Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las Vegas, which is also known as ATM. They are the largest aquarium-building operation in the whole United States and you should see some of their creations! Not only do they build for standard customers, but celebrities contact them regularly for unique and over-the-top pieces of aquarium art.

The Producer of TANKED had heard great things about Lockdown Escape Rooms and reached out to see if we could team up to have the cast and crew of this hilarious reality TV show play a room with us, as they were filming an episode on The Mob. Of course, we said, “Yes!”. We were very excited to have them!

The episode started out at the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas with the brothers discussing a really cool, 440 gallon, Mob-themed aquarium, showcasing a huge ship with North Atlantic fish! The crew of TANKED decided to take a break from building aquariums and test out their family team-building skills in Lockdown’s Mob Boss escape room. It was exciting, hilarious, and the whole family was such a pleasure!

Watch the excitement unfold here: https://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/tanked/ or on Amazon Prime Video!

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