The Importance of Team Building

Why is team building important?

Behind every sell-out product or award-winning business there is a collaborative, loyal, hard-working team of employees who put their heart and soul into their work because they feel part of a group, part of the success of the company they are employed by, and take pride in what they do.  Getting the balance within a company where colleagues respect each other, share goals and give their all, is not an easy task. There is a multitude of attitudes, egos and characters to contend with.  

So how are the successful companies managing to get it all right?  Simple, they focus on their most valuable asset, their employees; having employees who feel happy and valued in their job is the key to success and the importance of team building to achieve it cannot be underestimated.   We have compiled a list of 6 reasons which show the importance of team building in the workplace:

1.   Employee motivation:  The benefits are of a group of people who are happy to come to their work, absenteeism is reduced,  staff turnover is lower, as are recruitment and training costs. With a motivated workforce, company goals are met, which is good for everyone as it brings job security with it, but it has also been proven that motivation leads to an increase in productivity.

How do team building activities help motivation? By putting groups of employees working towards an objective in a teambuilding activity where they have to overcome a problem or obstacle, they learn to put their heads together to resolve their difficulties.  They learn to help each other and to motivate each member of the team to do their best, to achieve their goals and to overcome obstacles along the way. 

2.  Improves communications:  Throw a group of employees into a team building activity that shifts them outside their comfort zone, making it fun but challenging, and watch relationships build between co-workers.  They will be relying on colleagues they don’t know very well (or at all), to help them meet the objectives of their activity. The skill of communication will be optimized because without it they risk failing or losing – and no one will want that.  Communications are opened and sharpened during team building days. The communication and relationships spill over into the workplace too. The reasons for team building activities are many and the organization should see it as an investment.

3.   Trust: Still wondering “what is the purpose of team building?” – one word – trust! Team building creates, and improves, trust: Putting upper-level managers, executives and employees on the same level playing field will show the human side of each individual. In fact, the purpose of team building is to take each person out of their work “role” and place them in a situation where collaboration is required. This idea of working together for a common goal, each person being valued equally, no hierarchy, helps build trust and puts a face and personality on the title.  Trusting each co-worker means that they support and look out for each other in order to get the task completed. If your company is asking “why do team building activities?” Trust is the answer.

4.   Barriers are broken down and relationships are formed: Maybe the most obvious benefit of team building and the importance of team building for an organization.  How many employees sit across from each other, day in, day out, or meet at the company canteen on a daily basis, but still don’t really know the people they spend most of their days with? Seeing your colleagues in a non-work situation adds a dynamic to the relationship – without it, it is often difficult to build up any kind of rapport. We know that we all like to feel connected and if you feel connected to your colleagues it’s obvious that this will enhance your experience as an employee which will directly benefit the company.  Taking the employee out of the work situation allows discussions to open up about topics that are not work related. Having a personal bond and things in common with the people we work with makes employees happy to come to work each day. Still pondering the question, “what is the importance of team building in an organization?” – Re-read point 4!

5.   Enhances creativity: The importance of team building with regard to creativity is in helping our employees think outside the box. When left in the same routine, doing the same things every day, creativity can become somewhat rusty. By exposing staff to a new experience, sometimes an experience they themselves would not choose, where they have to think on their feet, can trigger creativity, giving way to new ideas which will no doubt overflow back into the organization.  Knowing that their ideas and thoughts are valued during team building activities gives them the confidence to share creative or new ideas back in the company.

6.   Improves morale: As we said at the beginning, having happy employees is key to success. What is the purpose of team building in relation to the morale of the employees? Just the idea of rewarding employees a fun day out with the chance to relax among coworkers, talk about non-work things, maybe learn a new skill or take part in a new activity makes the employee feel special and valued. Team building puts the fun into work while keeping employees happy.  

From these 6 reasons, our question “What is the purpose of a teambuilding activity?” is fully answered.   A motivated team with good communication skills will pave the way for a collaborative atmosphere within the organization, whose objectives remain on focus and are realized.  Team building is fundamental for an organization but also for personal growth. It provides space to open up and be creative. At Lockdown Rooms, through the collaboration needed to overcome obstacles, and having a common goal, team building is very important.  If you need further information or would like to book a fun activity for your co-workers, employees, friends or family give Lockdown Rooms a call or browse our website where you can book directly.


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