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Lockdown Escape Rooms San Diego has serviced hundreds of companies looking to enjoy a unique and fun experience as their corporate event or group activity. We have become the go-to location for corporate clients who want to provide their employees with an unforgettable team building experience!

We provide a completely original escape game experience which immerses players into an exciting fantasy world where they have to use their real world skills.

Picture this: Your employees are locked in an imaginary environment. In one hour, they have the common goal of escaping the room and their success is dependant on how well they can execute tasks, problem solve and work together. Sound familiar? Escape rooms mimic what skills you may already be using day to day but we add the perfect blend of imagination, theatrics, puzzles, with a live video game vibe thrown in for good measure!

Whether your employees succeed or fail, it is done together as a team! In our experience, the result has been the same across the board: all participants leave overjoyed and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our boss just booked our team building at Lockdown!”

Let Lockdown host your event! We can customize a memorable VIP experience that will be sure to impress!

Send questions to info@lockdownrooms.com.

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Why choose Lockdown Escape Rooms?

  • Movie-set quality, truly immersive rooms with well thought out storylines and thought provoking puzzles – no cheap, cheesy props or “Red Herrings” here!
  • We have tons of experience with hosting groups of all sizes!
  • Easy to plan, easy to organize and no preparation or cleanup is required! It’s as simple as just telling your employees where and what time to show up! Let us do the work! After all, isn’t that why you’re paying us?
  • Our lobby is spacious, climate controlled and was not built as an afterthought – you can actually sit down if you wish!
  • Our restrooms are on-site and more importantly CLEAN! – Yes, we felt like this was important enough to add as a bullet point!
  • Lockdown is within walking distance of tons of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightlife – Escaping our rooms may cause an increased appetite!
  • Paid parking directly outside, free parking is across the street and easy Uber/Lyft access.
  • Last, but not least! You’ll be known as the “Cool Boss”. Prepare for the high-fives! Don’t worry, we’ll provide the hand sanitizer!

Questions? Contact us Below:

    Employees want team building WITHOUT:

    • Potato Sack Races (not sure of the purpose)
    • Trust Falls (risky)
    • Drum Circles (just weird)
    • Company Picnics (dependant on the weather and it’s always a race to sign up to bring chips)
    • Bowling (no comment)
    • Build something activities (let’s be real- how much fun did you have building that IKEA desk?)

    Do you still need more convincing why Lockdown would be the best choice? Take a look at just a few Corporate testimonials that we have received:

    Michelle – Mastercard

    This is the third team building activity we have organized with Lockdown San Diego and it is the enthusiasm from their staff and that the event is extremely well organized is what drives us back to them each time. Each staff member is extremely professional and friendly and the facility is always very clean. The lobby is spacious and the decor is very nice! As our event was being held, it started raining. Because we booked with Lockdown, we didn’t have to worry about this, as their events are all held inside! We were so glad that we didn’t decide on a picnic, BBQ, or other outside event. Overall all our staff had a fantastic time and all worked together prior to the event to ‘get into character’ with their team colors, thus achieving our team building purpose.We would have no hesitation in recommending Lockdown to anyone looking to organize a team building event, big or small! We look forward to our future events with Lockdown San Diego.

    Steven – Home Depot

    The day itself was very well organized and the activities in involved were well thought out in helping to achieve what we wanted out of the day which was team building and communication. There was a good variety of activities that were thoroughly enjoyed by all our staff. The best positive out of the day was that our staff are still talking about the day 3 weeks later. The photos provided afterward was also a bonus and very funny to share with the team. We cannot recommend them enough and we look forward to organizing our next event with Lockdown San Diego!!

    David – DTVStudios

    “Lockdown is in the perfect spot for those looking for fun. We’ve done a few puzzle rooms in San Diego before, but Lockdown blew us away. The space was extremely clean and tidy. The staff was perfectly friendly and communicative. Best of all, the puzzle room was amazing. This is perfect for team-building events!”

    Marc – Wells Fargo

    “We brought a customer of ours to Lockdown for a team building day. Everyone had a great time and it allowed us to deepen our relationship and get to know each other better. It was also interesting to gain insight in the different strategies that team members used for solving problems.”

    “Our Board of Directors had a wonderful time using Lockdown for a retreat exercise. Six months later when they came back together in South Carolina, they were still raving about the experience. Thanks, Lockdown, for a great time! We hope to bring another group back and escape!” – Lauren – ICFSEB

    Vickie – San Diego Tours

    Our group did Lockdown San Diego, very fun, good bonding and team building experience! The room was fantastic! Our staff is still raving about the activity and we have noticed positive results. We cannot wait to visit in the future for more events.

    Sam – ICSC

    My staff had an absolute blast at Lockdown San Diego. The best part is that we still felt like we accomplished the goal of working together and forming a bond. The challenges are layered and you will use your brain to correlate! We tried the hardest one and we were quickly humbled – but this fact did not take away from the experience. It was engaging and difficult – we are absolutely going back! We cannot wait to return. 5 stars!

    Lizette – Chun Media Group

    Lockdown San Diego did a spectacular job. My staff had a blast and you can see this from the smiles in our group photos. I was able to watch my staff work together, laugh together and celebrate together. It was more than we could have asked for! We are already planning our next event at this location! Thank you for an amazing time!

    Beth Downs – Fun Boss – USS Makin Island LHD 8

    I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome event! The feedback from those who participated was nothing but very positive. There are already requests to do it again. You made the process extremely easy for us and we appreciate that. The staff did a great job as well. We will definitely be back in the future with you as well as spreading the word to other commands to consider Lockdown San Diego for group events.

    Group bonding can be the most important investment you can make for your employees. All it takes is a little planning and something that doesn’t feel like a regular day in the office. It has recently become essential for corporate development. It results in bonding, improves communication and strengthens skills. The main goal is to boost morale, motivate and improve productivity. Happy Employees = A more productive work environment.

    lockdown rooms san diego team building

    Why choose an Escape Room for team building in San Diego?

    1. It builds leadership
    2. It breaks down creativity barriers
    3. Improves problem-solving
    4. Clearly defines objectives and goals
    5. Highlights strengths and weaknesses
    6. Enhances social relations and defines roles

    Companies know employees perform best with their coworkers when the work environment is high in morale and communication. Some break out the traditional field games at company barbecues, while others invite their employees to relaxing dinner outings after work. A modern employee might enjoy these activities, but they crave a team building idea that allows them to think dynamically, bond with their coworkers, exercise their problem solving skills, and most importantly, to have fun! There’s no other destination that can do that for your team quite like Lockdown San Diego. Your employees will not only grow closer as they learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses while working towards a common goal, but they’ll be enthusiastic about working with a boss who gives them the chance to do so in an exciting place like Lockdown.

    Once the Lockdown Escape Rooms have been played, the Team Building event is far from over! There is still some work to be done!

    To enhance the experience and for Management to see what the team has learned, most Corporate groups follow up with a post event group discussion or “round table”. In this meeting, the team discusses their highlights, any frustrations they may have come across, the excitement of completing tasks together, and things they learned about each other that can be applied at their workplace along the way!

    During this activity, most Managers will ask a series of questions to get the team to open up and participate in the discussion. Lockdown will provide a post event debriefing template at your request!


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