Most Common Escape Room Themes

If you’ve been to an escape room, you’ve probably run across many fun rooms, but if you haven’t gotten to experience one yet, you’re missing out! Most escape rooms default to the same, common themes. Here are just a few:


Solve a Crime 

In these rooms, you are usually placed in a murder investigation or at the scene of some sort of crime. It is like the game of clue! Your job is to locate the suspect by narrowing down the information that you find while playing the game. We’ll help you out a little with some common crime scene tips

  • Document your findings by writing them down and sharing with the team
  • Check all alibis and work on the timeline
  • Follow all leads
  • Assume that everything you find is evidence
  • Be persistent in your investigation
  • Time is key


Defuse a Bomb

What is more exciting than working against the clock to prevent your group from being blown to bits? While you won’t really have a bomb explode in your face, it sure does feel like it when you’re placed in the room, the door is locked behind you and the timer starts ticking. These rooms are usually filled with lots of clues to find numerical codes to solve the sequence of the bomb. Many times, you’re only given a set number of chances before you have to wait a few minutes to try the codes again!



You’re trapped in the room and zombies are chained to the wall, but with each passing minute, the chains start to release. Sound familiar? Well, with Zombie rooms, they are often all the same. You are on a mission to solve puzzles and get out before your brain is served on a platter to blood-thirsty, rotting shells of what used to be human beings.


Sherlock Holmes

Oftentimes, escape rooms are inspired by movies and books and what better character to include than Sherlock Holmes? This is an old tried and true theme that many seem to enjoy. Holmes and his dear friend, Watson, are in over their heads. Find the clues and help them solve the cases. Don’t forget to use deductive reasoning!


While all of these themes are exciting and fun, Lockdown Escape Rooms offers themes that are not always easy to find at other places around town. Our rooms are unlike any others across the globe. Check out a small glimpse of what we have in store for you!


Mob Boss

What can we say? We started in Las Vegas. How more “Vegas” can you get? There is a rat in the mafia and he has revealed the Don’s secret. You’ve been tasked to find the identity and reveal them to the family before the police arrive. Can you succeed?


Cursed Cabin

Those who visit this cabin are never to be seen again. Against your better judgement, you grab your friends and enter the room. The doors and windows are sealed and you quickly realize that a witch named Sanguina will be back in an hour. How are you going to escape?



Howdy, Partner! Trouble is a brewin’ over the horizon! The totems of the Kumeyaay tribe were stolen and while the sheriff found the culprit, he never returned the totems to the rightful owners. He has falsely accused your group and locked you up! While he steps out for lunch, you have to escape and retrieve the totems. Hurry!



All of Japan has patiently waited for this day. The greatest Shogun has entrusted his power to Emperor, but sadly, it was abused and Japan is doomed to fall. If you can locate the red pieces to the Shogun’s shield and piece them back together, you will strip the Emperor of his power and save the people of this travesty! 



You’ve heard of the Fountain of Youth, but now you have to locate a vial of water. The King is dying and only you can save him. Work together to navigate the castle, dodge the guards and don’t fall into a dangerous trap! 


If that isn’t enough to get you excited, Lockdown offers many more themes to fit any style. You’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for you! 


Now for a fun question: If you were to design a room, what theme would you choose and why?


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