Lockdown and Family Bonding

Whether you belong to a nuclear, single-parent or any other type of family unit, you consider the members of this group an extension of yourself. They are your “clan” or the people that support you, love you and stick together through thick and thin. This doesn’t mean that things are always perfect. Families argue. In fact, healthy arguments are expected, normal and occur in all relationships. How these issues are resolved is what’s key.

    Every individual in a family has their own unique thoughts and ideas. When they do not line up with another member’s thoughts or ideas, conflict can arise. Disagreements can also stem from sibling rivalry, money, time management, disrespect, entitlement, immaturity, selfishness or even small, insignificant things simply depending on someone’s mood and may have nothing to do with the other family member at all. In reality, list could really go on for days, but what is important to keep in mind is that almost every single issue stems from poor communication.

    How can a family build and create a stronger bond while strengthening their communication? An escape room! It has been said that families that play together, stay together…or is it pray? Either way, it works!

    Think about it…You’re all placed in a room and forced to spend time together, but it doesn’t seem forced because you’re having so much fun! Cell phones aren’t permitted and there no outside influences ensuring that your time is uninterrupted. That is very hard to come by these days, especially with teens.

    Your family is given a goal. The goal is to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape before the time runs out. What you’ll find is that everyone in the unit will provide some sort of input. Strengths will be brought to light and you may actually learn something about each other that you never knew! You will be required to talk to each other, build things, complete riddles or even participate in a physical activity, but in the end, you’ve communicated the whole way through. Whether you make it out before the clock runs out, you’ve bonded and that is priceless.

    Everything is not for everyone, but with that being said, it is extremely rare that someone exits our rooms without a smile. Even the most negative and unenthusiastic people have hesitantly entered the room and came out pleasantly surprised. The Mom that had a stressful day with the screaming baby, the Dad that worked 60 exhausting hours or even the kid that may have been bullied at school that day leaves their worries at the door and escapes reality with the ones they love the most. At dinner, they gather together and give input and opinions on the unexpectedly exciting experience, but it doesn’t stop there. They talk about it for weeks and feel closer to each other. Sound like something your family needs? Book with Lockdown today.


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