Escape Room Strategies: Escape Room Tips And Tricks

6 Strategies For Escape Room Escape

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk recently about escape rooms as everyone seems to be talking about them and they seem to be popping up everywhere!  You might not have fully grasped the whole idea of being put (or putting yourself voluntarily) into a room with a bunch of people and then trying to get back out again. Escape rooms sound strange – but are also a LOT of fun. You should definitely try it out. If you and your team are successful, you will have solved many challenging, intricate puzzles, unlocked key combinations and solved many riddles.  In the themed escape room you need to think on your feet and outside the box to get out!

Don’t worry if you feel like it’s all too challenging for you – we’ve got some insider’s escape room strategies to help you get out!  

Strategy 1 – Communication and Leadership 

It is very important to carefully choose the people you will be with on the challenge.  That does not mean choosing your most intelligent friends or co-workers. You need people who you can work well with (under pressure!) and who you know you can communicate well with.  Choosing a leader, or a project manager to the team is vital. A leader in the group who is a point of reference for each clue and who manages the situation so that everyone in the group knows what is going on and what they are supposed to be doing avoids confusion and chaos. Knowing how to escape an escape room is not a natural skill for everyone and it takes calm thinking, logical rational and leadership skills and when you are searching for those elusive escape room clues, you going to need one calm head in your group!

Strategy 2:  Know What You’re Letting Yourself In For 

Know what exactly is expected of you and what the rules and regulations are within the room. There may be objects that you can’t/shouldn’t touch.  As part of knowing how to beat escape rooms you should be well read on this aspect because if rules are broken it could disrupt the entire game for everyone else on your team.  Try to figure out in what format you will be given the clues because each escape room differs (Morse code, digital display, shapes etc.). Be informed of timing and how long you have in the escape room – while the clock is ticking, and you are under pressure, knowing if you can afford more (or less) time on a particular clue should be a part of your escape room strategies.  Listen carefully to the host who will explain the dos and don’ts and some escape room tips.

Strategy 3 –  Work in Small Groups 

Around different puzzles, if and when possible.  Sometimes teams get fixated on one clue and everyone is focused on the same clue and still unable to resolve it.  Spread your resources around and, if you can, work on more than one clue simultaneously. How to get out of an escape room is as much about common sense as it is about deciphering the codes and tricky puzzles.   

Strategy 4 – Stop Key Collecting 

One common rookie mistake is when a lock and key puzzle has been resolved, the key is taken out of the lock. Escape room tricks dictate that keys should be left in their lock.  If you don’t do this, you will end up with a series of keys from previous puzzles and they will only be a hindrance to you as you come towards the end of the game. The key is nearly never used again so as part of our escape room hints, we advise you to leave it there once solved. 

Strategy 5 – Be exhaustive in your search 

If you are superficial in looking for clues you will waste time and become frustrated in searching. Our list of top escape room strategies includes turning the room upside down in your search. Look on top of bookshelves. Look inside the books on the bookshelves. Do you see clothing lying around? Check the pockets.  Any strange looking shapes or openings on the floors, in units or pillars – try to prize them open to see if there are hidden compartments.  

Strategy 6 – Avoid Fake Clues

Keep an open eye for what appear to be clues on first sight, but are really there just to throw you off your path.  The experienced escape room gamer will know what these are but knowing these escape room strategies will most certainly help you. For example, you will often see number or letters written randomly on pieces of paper or in books, strategically placed to lead you away from the real clue.  Clues are also rarely placed in the ceiling of the room, so if you see a broken ceiling or an opening that makes you think there could be a clue on the ceiling – in most cases it isn’t.

The most important thing in an escape room is to have fun.  Let your hair down and enjoy the fun experience. Don’t let it become too competitive or frustrating so that it entirely ruins the day, however, a little “healthy” competition is ok.  If you are intrigued or simply want to know exactly how do escape rooms work, why don’t you check out the Lockdown Rooms’ services. Go online or give us a call for further information on how you can book your fun day with friends.  We’ll be delighted to help answer your queries and questions on escape room tips and tricks!


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