Couples Date Night At Lockdown Escape Rooms!

Nicole is a Scottsdale-based wife and mother to three of the cutest girls ever! She runs a Motherhood + Lifestyle blog called lilflowermama. Nicole and her friends were in dire need of a date night so they headed over to Lockdown Escape Rooms – Scottsdale for a fun adventure!

Check out her review:

When was the last time you met a couple of friends for a couples date night?
I know, right! Well, we are just trying to maintain regular date nights over here, ha!
Recently, all of that changed when I received an invitation to check out Lockdown escape rooms here in Phoenix. This gave us the perfect opportunity to meet with a few friends and have some fun!
Lockdown Rooms is exactly what it sounds like too! You, along with a group of friends (we were a group of 6) are locked in a room for 60 minutes. Then the idea is to solve a series of puzzles to unlock the mystery or prize before the clock runs out!
There are three different escape rooms and naturally, we chose the “date night” room! After graduating from the famous school of thieves, we set out on our mission to steal the beloved, “Sofia” blood diamond. I can’t spoil all the fun in case you decide to make this your next couples date night, but we did steal the diamond with ten minutes to spare! I was so proud of our team because it wasn’t easy stealing a giant blood diamond, lol!
If you are looking for a fun night out with your spouse and maybe two other couples, I would highly suggest Lockdown Rooms! We had such a blast and it was something new for us too. Most of the time, the hubs and I are just excited to get out of the house to be together. Especially, if you’re a parent of young children like us lol!
Lockdown escape rooms have several locations. There are three in Las Vegas, one in San Diego and one here in Phoenix. I would add it to your bucket list the next time you are visiting one of these areas because I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

xx, Nicole

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