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Danielle Davis is a Las Vegas Blogger that is set on helping people make every single day the best for you, your marriage and your family! To go along with her Blog purpose of keeping marriages strong, she decided to plan a Lockdown Escape Room date night! Here is how it went:

Have you guys ever done an escape room before?! Ohhh my gosh!! Grab some friends… and go do one ASAP! Seriously such a fun date night at Lockdown Escape Rooms – Highland.

You guys. Can we talk about how IMPORTANT date night is?!? And i know it sounds sooo cliche because everyone says it- but spending time one on one, without kids is SO GOOD for our relationships! Like ACTUALLY being able to have a conversation without being interrupted is AWESOME!

So this next week {or just as soon as possible!} grab your man or if you aren’t married, grab a friend – and just GO do something fun! Kid free! Have some adult time! And laugh! And forget about your worries! And make a crazy memory! And if you’re ever in Vegas, Lockdown Escape Rooms is where it’s at!

Ps if you missed our Insta Story of it- we successfully got out with ONE MINUTE to spare!! One minute!!! Like WHAT?! Thank you so much for hosting us Lockdown – didn’t disappoint!

Today’s The Best Day

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