The Best Birthday Party

If you are like me, and you love to try out new and exciting stuff, then you really need to check out this story: Michael, one of our guests really loves to be surprised and he also loves trying out new things. His birthday had arrived and his wife Laura wanted to do something unexpected…

Their friends got together in a van and blindfolded the birthday boy. Michael had no idea where they were going. When the group showed up at Lockdown, they ushered him out of the van and into the store. His waiver was read to him and he signed the waiver (with assistance) once he agreed.

The birthday boy was freaking out by now. Just put yourself in his shoes! He had never heard of Lockdown or an escape room, for that matter. He had no idea what to expect. He was only able to listen to the intro video and then they were placed into the room. The blindfold was finally removed once they were in the Mob Boss.

Michael’s reaction was priceless. He was so excited! They worked together so well and won the room. He said that it was the best birthday he’d EVER had. He kept kissing Laura and giving everyone high-fives.

The Ultimate Wow Effect: Birthday Party in an Escape Room

I remember my first escape room experience well. It was super exciting already! I can only imagine how thrilled I would have been if I had not had any clue where I was going. Most people have not heard about escape games yet. This is your chance to treat your partner or friend! Organize a birthday party in an escape room and you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce them to something truly original and exciting.

It is not easy to come up with original birthday party ideas nowadays. With an escape game you can provide the ultimate wow factor as a present. Some of the Lockdown rooms are especially great for birthday parties. Check out Mob Boss in Las Vegas, NV or Chem Lab in Scottsdale, AZ or the Western room in San Diego, CA.

Have you guys ever done an escape room before?! Ohhh my gosh!! Grab some friends… and go do one ASAP! Seriously such a…

Posted by Today's The Best Day on Saturday, December 16, 2017


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