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Picture this: Your employees are locked in an imaginary environment. In one hour, they have the common goal of escaping the room and their success is dependant on how well they can execute tasks, problem solve and work together. Sound familiar? Escape rooms mimic the skills your group may already be using on a day to day but we add the perfect blend of imagination, theatrics, puzzles, with a live video game vibe thrown in for good measure!

Lockdown Escape Room in Las Vegas has serviced hundreds of companies looking to enjoy a unique and fun experience as their team building activity or corporate event. We have become the go-to destination for corporate clients who want to provide their employees with an unforgettable activity. We provide a completely original escape game experience which immerses you into an exciting fantasy world where real world skills are put to the test.

Companies know employees perform best with their coworkers when the work environment is high in morale and communication. Some break out the traditional field games at company barbecues, while others invite their employees to relaxing dinner outings after work. A modern employee might enjoy these activities, but they crave a team building idea that allows them to think dynamically, bond with their coworkers, exercise their problem solving skills, and most importantly, have fun! There’s no other destination that can do that for you quite like Lockdown Las Vegas. Your employees will not only grow closer as they learn about each others strengths and weaknesses while working towards a common goal but they’ll be enthusiastic about working for a company that gives them the chance to do so in an exciting place like Lockdown.

Whether your employees succeed or fail, it is done together! In our experience, the result has been the same across the board: all participants leave overjoyed and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our boss just booked our team building at Lockdown!”

Let Lockdown host your event! We can customize a memorable VIP experience that will be sure to impress!

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Our Las Vegas Location is Close to the Strip!

Las Vegas Location

Why choose Lockdown Escape Rooms?

  • Truly immersive original games with well thought out storylines and thought provoking puzzles – no cheap, cheesy props or “Red Herrings” here!
  • We have tons of experience with hosting team building groups of all sizes!
  • Easy to plan, easy to organize and no preparation or cleanup is required ! It’s as simple as just telling your employees where and what time to show up! Let us do the work, after all, isn’t that why you’re paying us?
  • Our restrooms are on-site and more importantly CLEAN! -Yes, we felt like this was important enough to mention as a bullet point!
  • Lockdown is steps away from restaurants, bars, and coffee shops – Escaping our rooms may cause an increased appetite!
  • Free parking directly outside, easy Uber/Lyft access, we have 3 locations just off the Las Vegas Strip- no matter where you are, we are only minutes away.
  • We are the only Escape Room in Las Vegas to be awarded “The Best of Las Vegas” title!
  • Last, but not least! You’ll be known as the “Cool Boss”. Prepare for the high-fives! Don’t worry, we’ll provide the hand sanitizer!

Employees Don’t Want Team Building With:

  • Potato Sack or 3 legged Races (not sure of the purpose)
  • Trust Falls (risky)
  • Drum Circles (just weird)
  • Company Picnics (dependent on the weather and it’s always a race to sign up to bring chips)
  • Bowling (no comment)
  • Build something activities (let’s be real- how much fun did you have building that IKEA desk?)
  • Scavenger Hunts (Heat stroke is real people! Las Vegas IS in the desert!)

group activity puzzle las vegas

A group activity can be the most important investment you can make for your employees. All it takes is a little planning and something that doesn’t feel like a regular day in the office. Recently, it has become essential for corporate development. It results in bonding, improves communication and strengthens skills. The main goal is to boost morale, motivate and improve productivity. Happy Employees = A more productive work environment.

Benefits For Your Team:

  1. It builds leadership
  2. It breaks down creativity barriers
  3. Improves problem-solving
  4. Clearly defines objectives and goals
  5. Highlights strengths and weaknesses
  6. Enhances social relations and defines roles

Once the Lockdown Escape Rooms have been played, the event is far from over! There is still some work to be done!

To enhance the experience and for Management to see what the team has learned, most Corporate groups follow up with a post event group discussion or “round table”. In this meeting, the group discusses their highlights, any frustrations they may have come across, the excitement of completing tasks together, and things they learned about each other that can be applied at their workplace along the way!

During this activity, most Managers will ask a series of questions to get employees to open up and participate in the discussion. Lockdown will provide a post event debriefing template at your request!

Do you still need more convincing why Lockdown would be the best choice? Take a look at just a few Corporate testimonials that we have received:

Team Building Testimonials

Jose – Zappos

On behalf of the Zappos, I’d like to personally thank Lockdown Las Vegas for hosting a fantastic Great team building event! The escape rooms executed the perfect amount of challenges in the 1 hour event. There was a perfect combination of mental and group challenges and each team member could contribute to completing each stage as different skills were required. Being able to tailor the event exactly to my group’s needs was a great experience and no request was too difficult for Lockdown. The staff members running the event were extremely enthusiastic and easy to work with. After our event, people kept telling me how much fun they had and how different this type of event was for a social function. It really brought everyone together not only during the team building session but afterwards as we shared hilarious stories of how each team completed the various challenges. It was fantastic to not only help organize this event but to participate in it as well. My teammates and I had a blast testing our memory and problem-solving skills, and we just laughed our entire way to the goal! Thank you once again Lockdown for all your efforts in ensuring our group had the best possible experience. This was our favorite so far and you made it so memorable!

Brittany Bleak – Marketing Director – LGA, Inc.

We participated in our first Lockdown experience and the staff is still talking about it. We discovered unknown things about each other’s personalities during our time. People who don’t necessarily work well together in an office setting were drawn together as teammates in a common goal to race against the clock. There’s no excuse not to try – it’s a short time and financial commitment for a business, especially when it can have lasting impact on staff camaraderie and morale.

Samantha – The Patrón Spirits Company

Thank you, Lockdown Las Vegas, for helping us and our Team Building/Corporate event become a success! With the challenge of coordinating this event for over 100 people, you certainly went above and beyond to assist me with organizing the logistics, budget, teams and our round-table discussion post the challenge. We received fantastic feedback from everyone who participated in the event and there were multiple comments on how clean and nice your facility was kept! You and your team were so friendly and very engaging with all of us and made the day as exciting as possible. Thank you again for all your help, we had an incredibly fun day!
The group really enjoyed the experience and the staff of Lockdown Las Vegas was helpful and professional! – Bailey Knutson – Account Executive – Southwest Conference Planners

Walter – Las Vegas Sands, Corp.

We had a pretty large group gathering for a team building session. Lockdown made it as smooth as possible. Our group got separated into smaller groups and we all took turns in each room/game. After the event, my staff was excited and energized. They couldn’t stop raving about the experience over dinner and they have continued to mention it for months since. The staff was welcoming and engaging and the store was clean and very organized. If you want to do some sort of team building event like we did with our company, there really isn’t a better place.

Yvonne – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

We’ve gone twice and are looking forward to our next visit. Friendly, fun, and they remembered us from the first visit! PS- super clean facility! Can’t wait to go back with my team from work, should be another great experience!!!

Tara – Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino

I took my Marketing team here for a Team Building Event and the staff is still talking about it. It made them closer, opened communication and broke down barriers. I have tried to set up other events such as bowling, potlucks, and a day of golf, but the staff really wants to come back to Lockdown and I cannot say that I disagree. The event was inside, which means that weather was not a factor, the facility was very clean and the location was so easily accessible. We will be back soon and we cannot wait to try the other themes! Thank you, Lockdown Las Vegas. You really made a positive impact on my staff!

William – Endeavor Behavioral Health

Our training team spent days trying to decide on the perfect event to motivate our team. We are so thankful that we found Lockdown! The booking process was simple and there was no planning required on our end! The staff made things as seamless as possible. We arrived and we were greeted with smiles and excitement. Lockdown ensured that our experience would be remembered for years to come. Our team has never performed better since our outing and we will use this company again and again.

Melissa – Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino

We played Lockdown for our work outing and had a BLAST! The rooms are spacious and the clues were well thought out. It makes it even better having a storyline that actually makes sense. I would definitely recommend Lockdown to other companies! This place is professional, well maintained, and super organized! We were extremely impressed with their attention to detail in making sure we had a successful team building. Something fun to do that’s a unique experience filled with a lot of laughter.

Be the hero of your company and treat your crew to an exciting, entertaining and unique event at
Lockdown Escape Rooms today!

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