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Whether you’re looking for a tech escape, traditional lock and key, multi room escape or a combination, Lockdown Escape Room Las Vegas has you covered! Our rooms are the perfect blend of part game, part theater, and part team building activity with a live video game vibe thrown in for good measure!

We are proud to be the only live escape game company in Las Vegas, NV to win “Best of Las Vegas” title! Our award winning escape rooms have been recognized by players across the globe! Check out our reviews!

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Our fully immersive escape game experience has made us an enthusiast favorite due to our high design, unique puzzles, relevant storylines, and intricate plots! Lights, sound effects, and secret locks enhance the experience! Every last detail of our games are all designed to ignite your imagination! Once you’re locked inside our rooms, your group will work together to crack codes, find clues and solve mysteries that will help you escape in under 60 minutes. Lockdown removes the player from the stresses of the real world and allows you to immerse yourself in a new universe. This game isn’t just about escaping the room in an hour; it’s about escaping from everyday stresses and living in the moment. The mental state you enter during periods of pressure is often one of flow: you become focused, fully involved in the game, and can enjoy the rush. Here’s your opportunity to test your logical reasoning, mental finesse and intelligence with your friends and family. Challenge the lobby scoreboard for the fastest escape time. Along the way, if your group is stuck and needs a hint, our staff will give you a nudge in the right direction. The rest is up to you! Lockdown is the ultimate escape room experience and we pride ourselves in providing truly thought-provoking and fun rooms for all experience levels. Are you clever enough to escape our rooms?

We have 3 convenient locations near the Las Vegas Strip, you are minutes away from a unique and exciting puzzle solving experience! We only offer private escape rooms which means your group will never be paired with strangers! Spots are limited, so book your game now!

Lockdown escape chambers now available in Las Vegas: Hostage Rescue, Mob Boss, Crazy Professor, Cursed Cabin, Wrongfully Accused, Western, Western Dual, Mayan Ruins, Underworld, Pharaoh’s Curse, and Project Poseidon.

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