Escaping Las Vegas Heat With An Escape Room

Sarah Johnson (You Found Sarah) is an adventure-seeking, Las Vegas based Blogger that enjoys exploring the world with her husband. What better way to find a unique adventure than to play the Wrongfully Accused room at the Lockdown Sahara location! Not only did her group escape in less than an hour, but they also set the 2018 all-time record! Impressive!

Check out her review of Lockdown here:

Come summer, Drew and I are always looking for a good way to beat the heat here in Las Vegas. Sure there are always pools and casinos, but those options can get real old, real fast for locals.

Our friend Brandon loves escape rooms — you know, where you willingly get locked into a room by a stranger and then have to solve clues to get out. So Brandon helped us round up a group of escape room enthusiast friends to try out one located about 15 minutes off the Strip called Lockdown Escape Rooms.

I’ve done another escape room in town and can honestly say I did not enjoy it. My last experience had a lot of children, a crazy ghost woman who was trying to kill us, and we had to go into a dark room by our freakin’ selves to help solve the puzzle. Now, this might sound like a blast to some people, but I literally punched the actor who was hiding in the dark room and dropped all the things I was supposed to bring out. Not. For. Me.

The Lockdown Escape Rooms on Sahara has three private rooms you can book for 3-8 players, each with a different story. We chose to do “Wrongfully Accused” for a couple of reasons:

  • The storyline is really different from most other escape rooms and I was curious about it; usually people are trying to kill you, and you have to escape before they do.
  • See above story about my former experience, I don’t do well being scared.
    The fact that Lockdown Escape Rooms are all private experiences (just you and your friends) added a lot to my enjoyment. We had a blast cracking jokes and being weird in the room, and that’s something you don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing with a bunch of other strangers.

Here’s the gist with “Wrongfully Accused.” You have been accused, tried, and found guilty of horrible murders that you didn’t commit. Your date with the electric chair is only hours away, but your cellmates refuse to let you fry for crimes you didn’t commit. Those prisoners and your family managed to sneak you clues and tools to help you escape.

I really enjoyed just being in the room and solving the puzzles. I wasn’t worried about someone chasing me with a rubber knife. This is the perfect room for jumpy people like me, people who don’t like haunted houses, and especially for first timers and anyone bringing kiddos.

I won’t tell you much about the room because that’s part of the fun, but do understand that the room is fairly austere. I don’t know much about death row, but I know austerity is pretty much what you would expect in a jail cell. I did think that some background audio would have added to the experience. Perhaps footsteps of wardens walking the hall, other inmates yelling outside the door, or even the warden taunting you as your time with the electric chair approaches. Part of the fun is feeling that sense of urgency — the clock ticking — and some sounds would really help that experience.
The puzzles are challenging and a few red herrings to really confuse you. But, if your team gets stumped, the nice guy at the front is always a walkie-talkie call away to help you out with some clues.

How’d we do? Well, my team of smarties (team name “Flamazing”) set the record for the room! We got out in 21 minutes flat.
So here’s my challenge to you. Get yourself to Lockdown Escape Rooms and try to beat us!

If you want to try a different experience at Lockdown Rooms, here are the other two rooms available:

Pharaoh’s Curse
Difficulty rating: Easy
You have uncovered the entrance to a Pharaoh’s tomb within the ancient pyramids. While others have attempted to gain entrance, no explorer has ever returned. Upon entering, a trap activates and prevents you from turning back. You have 60 minutes to explore the tomb and escape before you run out of oxygen, starve to death, or dehydrate.

Cursed Cabin
Difficulty rating: Medium
Many rumors have circulated about the strange woman Sanguina who lives at the outskirts of town. Apparently, all who visit her house are never seen again. Unable to quiet your curiosity, you and your friends break in on a dare. Once inside, it’s clear that the cabin belongs to no ordinary woman, but a witch! The doors and windows have been magically barred. You know Sanguina will return in an hour and you have to escape before she finds you here!

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