Energize Your Team With An Escape Room!

Team building has recently become necessary for corporate development. It results in bonding, improves communication and strengthens skills. The main goal is to boost morale, motivate and improve productivity. Happy Employees = Happy Customers.

Once you make the decision to plan an event, your next question is usually, “Where should we go?” The answer is simple: Lockdown! Escape Rooms provide a fun and exciting experience for your staff while meeting all goals that your corporation would have to facilitate a cohesive workplace environment.

How can a Lockdown Escape Room Team Building Event benefit us?

  • It builds leadership
  • It breaks down creativity barriers
  • Improves problem-solving
  • Clearly defines objectives and goals
  • Highlights strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhances social relations and defines roles

Whether your employees succeed or fail, it is done together, as a team! In our experience, the result has been the same across the board: all participants left overjoyed and the feedback has been unbelievably positive.

Take a look at just a few Corporate testimonials that we have received:

“Lockdown is in the perfect spot for those looking for fun. We’ve done a few puzzle rooms in San Diego before, but Lockdown blew us away. The space was extremely clean and tidy. The staff was perfectly friendly and communicative. Best of all, the puzzle room was amazing. This is perfect for team-building events!” – David – DTVStudios

“We brought a customer of ours to Lockdown for a team building day. Everyone had a great time and it allowed us to deepen our relationship and get to know each other better. It was also interesting to gain insight in the different strategies that team members used for solving problems.” – Marc – Wells Fargo

“Our Board of Directors had a wonderful time using Lockdown for a retreat exercise. Six months later when they came back together in South Carolina, they were still raving about the experience. Thanks, Lockdown, for a great time! We hope to bring another group back and escape!” – Lauren – ICFSEB

Team Building can be your most important investment you can make for your employees, according to Forbes. All it takes is a little planning and something that doesn’t feel like a regular day in the office.

Ditch the Company Picnic today and treat your team to an exciting, entertaining and unique event at
Lockdown Escape Rooms


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