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The Ultimate Escape Room Experience

You are “locked” into a room full of mysteries. You have to find the way out in 60 minutes through understanding the story of the room and solving all the puzzles.

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Book one of our games online
lockdown escape room, escape game lock
Get locked in for 60 minutes
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Find clues & Solve the puzzles


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Is it safe to play?

Players are required to comply with the rules and follow the instructions of the staff members to assure the enjoyment and safety of our customers. All rooms may only be used at your own risk and this service is available upon signing the Waiver and assumption of risk.

lockdown escape room, escape game lock
What if I panic?

Each escape room has an emergency exit. Though the use of the emergency exit immediately ends the game, you’re always safe with us.

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What about children?

Teens under age 16 are allowed to use the escape rooms only under direct adult supervision. In case of a group, designation of an adult responsible person is required. The use of the escape rooms by children under age of 10 is strictly prohibited.

lockdown escape room, escape game for team building
Company team building?

Escape rooms are an excellent way to build the team spirit of your company, test and compare problem solving skills of your colleagues in a fun environment. Please call us to ensure that we can provide the best availability for your company teams.

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See what other players are saying about us

THE BEST IN LAS VEGAS!!!! I have done three different escape room places in Las Vegas. This is by far the best.They had two different difficulties when I was there and I tried both the easy and medium (the hard one wasn’t complete but can’t wait to go back and try it). The staff was helpful and friendly. The rooms were expertly well done and very elaborate. The most elaborate set up I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to give up too much but it is definitely the best nicest most well done escape room in Las Vegas.

Leo S.

Really great experience for my first time doing this kind of event.  Still have very minor bugs to work out, but I was excited with the whole experience.  I was really proud of my problem solving skills.

Adrian J.

I’ve never done anything like this before and was actually afraid that it was going to be like the Saw movies. It was exactly the opposite and not scary at all. My husband and I are still talking about the rooms that we did and how we could have done them better. I had a lot of fun and would definitely go back to attempt the 3rd room.

Lyla A.

Had such a fun time with my husband and friends ! We all had a blast and definitely recommend this place. If you love to be challenged and always wanted to solve a crime… This is the perfect place.

Maylea D.

When my friend asked me to check this out, I had NO idea what to expect. By the time I left, I couldn’t stop raving about what a good time it was! Well worth going!

Angel F.

Absolute blast! We had so much fun figuring out all of the clues. As others said, it is like a real life version of clue. Very clever!

Andi H.

If you have ever played the app game “the room” this is definitely the place for you.  We chose “the mob room”. We had 4 adults and 2 young teens, everyone was able to play and participate in solving the room.  Can’t wait to go back and try the other room choices!

Brandy M.

We played The Mob Boss, and found ourselves in an appropriayely challenging situation, where context clues made sense and had us thinking, but were also highly related to the theme. I’m so glad we made the time to stop by-the adrenaline rush after was nothing to compare with, and we’ll definitely be back.

Liyan L.

I would have never thought that I’d have so much fun locked in a room for an hour. I had a great first escape room experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for clues! The puzzles were very challenging and all very relevant to the theme of the rooms.  You’ll leave thinking about what you could have done differently to solve the rooms in less time.

Victoria Q.

The Hostage room was great with 4 people and the Mob Boss room was even more challenging! I was shocked at how much fun we had and it was great for team building. I can’t wait to try the third escape room! Fun Vegas entertainment!

Melissa O.

Lockdown room escape was probably the most enjoyable thing we could’ve chosen to do. We did the novice and intermediate rooms. Not knowing what to expect, the puzzles were fun, challenging, and a great group activity. Well worth the price.

P L.

The mob boss challenge was the one my group of six did.  It was well thought out and challenging. I’m hooked! Can’t wait til they set up their new challenge next month.

Kim L.

This place is great!  Put your thinking caps on and get through this fun live action locked room game. They are friendly and helpful.  Can’t wait for their new room to open soon!

Toni G.

This is one of the best escape rooms I’ve been to. Great puzzles, great atmosphere and great facilities! I got a chance to play both the Hostage Room and the Mob Room as a group of two and both were great.

Andrew K.


Does your team have what it takes?

How to get started?

1. Gather your team
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3. Be part of the story and try to escape in 60 minutes


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