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The Escape Room Game – The Best Cooperative Game Ever

Ben was nine when went on his first school trip with his class. Thrilled by the outlook of the first sleepover of his life, our son had been counting the days and weeks before the event. The weekend was supposed to be great fun. Yet he returned deeply disappointed. What went wrong? A company specialized in team-building events for kids provided the entertainment. Divided into two teams, the kids had an exciting and well-organized program to accomplish. They were having a real good time. Until the very end, that is.

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Escape Room Games – Where it All Began

Locked down in the dimly lit basement of a run-down bar in a dodgy area of an Eastern European capital, I started to seriously wonder if coming down here really was a good idea.

The place looked like a Soviet bunker, probably last vented during the Cold War judging by the smell. It was packed with stuffy, dark office furniture and books printed in Cyrillic on the shelves, as well as a faint journal illustration on the wall of a Soyuz rocket being launched. The Cold War bunker vibe was further entrenched by a bust of Lenin and a handgun on the officer’s desk. It all felt like walking into the opening scene of an 80’s spy thriller, except this was real life and last time I checked, I was not bulletproof like James Bond.

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