Lockdown Escape Rooms | The Ultimate Escape Room Experience


Challenge your logical skills with your friends and family!

Try the Ultimate Escape Room Experience!

The Ultimate Escape Room Experience

You’re “locked” into a room full of mystery. You have to find the way out in 60 mins through understanding the story of the room and solving all the puzzles.

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Solve the Puzzle to escape the room

Solving puzzles and mysteries one by one, players get closer and closer to the final solution. Your skills will be tested, only wits and teamwork will help…

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Is it safe to play?

Players are required to comply with the rules and follow the instructions of the staff members to assure the enjoyment and safety of our customers. All rooms may only be used at your own risk and this service is available upon signing the Waiver and assumption of risk.

What if I panic?

Each escape room has an emergency exit. Though the use of the emergency exit immediately ends the game, you’re always safe with us.

What about Children?

Teens under age 16 are allowed to use the escape rooms only under direct adult supervision. In case of a group, designation of an adult responsible person is required. The use of the escape rooms by children under age of 10 is strictly prohibited.

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